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I've been in private practice as a Psychotherapist and Sound Therapist since 2009, combined with being a "tech-junkie" (I know! odd combo, right?!) I have always loved creating my own websites, became really good at it, which lead to fellow therapists asking me to do the same for them. In 2015 I started pivoting my business online slowly but surely. I started to look at how I can move more of my services online and stay in contact with my clients, in many different ways - from supportive emails to online programs and live webinars. As well as offering online payments and a booking system, saved time for me and my clients. Needless to say, when 2020 came around, I was well versed in supporting my clients and offering my services online. Which was a huge advantage! But that also meant that I was able to help others to do the same. Which turned out to be work that I absolutely love to do! Help you to create and express your unique offerings and ways of working on an online platform. In other words, creating a digital version of YOU! I found that my years of working as a psychotherapist has made me especially good at "profiling" or "capturing" people's personalities and what they are about on their websites. I love helping entrepreneurs, and business owners, who are in a place of service to others, to create a thriving online business. And I would be delighted to help you too!


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