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Hello there! My name is Lorna Anne Tierney. I'm a nature lover from County Kildare with a deep passion for people, community, and the environment. My desire to help raise awareness about the climate crisis and inspire action led me to create Earthy Cailíní ( Later, I founded The Earthy Marketplace, a passion project nurtured over time, inspired by the connections I made while promoting local sustainable, ethical businesses, and organic farmers on my page @earthy_cailini. Fueled by the urgent need to support these vital independent businesses during the pandemic and beyond, my business journey took flight. I spent years in the field of Science, working as an R&D Scientist in the laboratory and later as a Quality Assurance Scientist in the office. While I am grateful for the skills I acquired, this year, I decided it was time to leave and pursue my passions. Through my work at (, I've learned the intricacies of building a business from the ground up, from day-to-day operations to the essential aspects of running one. I've had the privilege to collaborate with wonderful businesses, gaining insight into the needs and aspirations of business owners. Connecting with new people and the prospect of sharing my skills to assist small business owners, entrepreneurs, fellow freelancers, and anyone seeking work-life balance in achieving their dreams truly excites me!


33 The Gables,


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