Ellie Tasks | Elaine Keohane

The Administrative Virtual Assistant you want but never knew you needed

I am here to offer my expertise to Business Owners and SME’s by streamlining the necessary but time-consuming tasks through the process of an automated system.

Imagine if you could have all of the below working for you without you lifting a finger:

  • Capture potential leads
  • Have workflows that send personalised e-mails, proposals, contracts, and invoices.
  • Onboard clients, capture all the information you need to work with this client without any of the usual manual back and forth.
  • Automated reminders so you don’t have to keep tracking when the clients have filled out that form or paid that invoice.

If you are interested in saving all this time but delivering a higher standard of client communication then I would love for you to reach out.

It makes me proud to know my clients have the time to enjoy the benefits I bring to their team and that I can aid them in reaching their goals knowing there’s someone supporting them every step of the way.