Ilaria Eugenia Virtual Assistant

Organise your business day!

Hello, I am Ilaria Eugenia Ferri , the owner of Ilaria Eugenia Virtual Assistant

My extended experience in supporting C level Managers and business owners in their business day accomplish my fascination for organizing.

I am strongly passionate about managing from your appointments to your cloud space, from your email box to your interaction with your customers and stakeholders, from your systems tolls to invoicing, I get you sorted! Furthermore, I simply adore organising and coordinating events: from your meetings to your team-building events, from your family’s birthdays to your formal dinners, from your presentations to your online events, I am your event helper! Being a bilingual Virtual Assistant, Italian mother tongue and English speaking, I can support you in both languages in your business or to deal with your customers.

With my Company we help entrepreneurs and business owners to stay focused on their clients and increase their revenue, organising their business day! Providing service as:

  • Email, diary, and calendar management and scheduling
  • Travel arrangements and itinerary
  • Automate their work processes 
  • Events and business events organization and coordination
  • Bespoke project management
  • On request bilingual services in English and Italian