Rachel The Eco-Conscious VA


Rachel The Eco-Conscious VA offers comprehensive virtual assistance services with a unique focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. With over 20 years’ experience in administration, event management, and executive support, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge to support environmentally friendly entrepreneurs and purpose-driven businesses. Her services include personal assistance, digital marketing administration, social media management, and event planning, all executed with an eco-conscious approach.

Rachel’s expertise spans various digital platforms, including G-Suite, WordPress, Mailchimp, and Canva, enabling her to provide efficient and organised assistance whilst minimising environmental impact. She excels in content creation, website updates, newsletter management, and customer service. Her background in sustainability, including her role as a Sustainability Advisor with Screen Ireland, allows her to offer unique insights into eco-friendly business practices.

As The Eco-Conscious VA, Rachel is committed to empowering individuals and businesses to make a positive impact on the environment. She combines her strong organisational skills, attention to detail, and ability to meet tight deadlines with a passion for ethical practices. Whether it’s coordinating virtual events, managing social media campaigns, or providing executive-level support, Rachel ensures that all tasks are completed with both efficiency and environmental consideration in mind. Her goal is to help clients streamline their operations whilst simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint, making her an invaluable asset for businesses looking to thrive in an increasingly eco-conscious market.