The Savvy VA

Your secret weapon to getting things done

The Savvy VAYour secret weapon to getting things done!


My name is Elaine aka The Savvy VA, a Virtual Assistant and HR professional offering tailored virtual support to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals.


The Savvy VA is here to help you regain time lost on back-end office tasks and general day to day admin, allowing you to put that valuable time towards the most important tasks in your business.


I process a multitude of skills from my experience working in areas such as HR, property & tenant management, personal assistance, customer service and various office administrator roles. I love to problem solve and endeavour to help my clients to overcome tasks that eat into their valuable time. I have strong communication and organisational skills. Quick to adapt to changing circumstances I can efficiently react to any unexpected issues or problems that may pop up in your business. I love to learn new things and I am fortunate to be an adaptive person allowing me to undertake any task that comes my way with ease.


As an experienced HR Manager, I can offer my clients a unique set of skills that are often difficult and expensive for small businesses to access without hiring directly in-house. Together we can ensure your business operates to best practice standards without blowing the budget.


Feel free to contact me and discover how The Savvy VA can become your most diverse business ally.