Trina K. | Measurement Marketing Services

Data and Dashboards

What if you could…

✅ Understand where your traffic is coming from and what campaigns are working so you can do more of what is working

✅ Know where potential customers are dropping off in your sales funnel so you could improve conversions

✅ Measure your membership retention & churn rates to extend the customer lifetime

✅ See your sales data in one place at a quick glance


You have all this information at your fingertips!

⭐️ Save time, money, and energy using your data!

➡️  I’m Trina and I create custom dashboards that help online business owners like YOU use their data to make better-informed marketing decisions and enjoy a higher ROI.

Ready to feel more confident about your marketing decisions?

Schedule a discovery call. I will walk you through my 3 step process on how I get your data working for you!